Mission & History

Management Mission Statement:phsc team

The mission of Portland Hospital Service Corporation (PHSC) is to provide an efficient and cost-effective healthcare laundry service to its owner Health Systems and members. The Cooperative exists to provide a strategic advantage to owner Health Systems by managing and controlling the total cost of healthcare linen and related service. As the region’s largest healthcare textile processor, PHSC strives to maintain the highest standards in product quality and customer service at all levels of the operation. PHSC remains vigilant in maintaining long-term capacity for its owner Health Systems while maximizing facility resources by strategic consideration of servicing non-owner customers. The business model maximizes economies of scale and provides services on a more efficient, cost-effective platform than can be achieved separately or through outsourcing. PHSC is committed to valuing our employees and providing a quality-focused work environment, which encourages dedication to excellence in product, service and fiscal responsibility.

Employee Mission Statement:

We find that a smile and saying “Hello” opens doors in a powerful way. Together we work with respect for each other and we understand that being helpful makes the day a bit brighter. We consider this place our second home while we do our jobs each day. We become family deserving to be as valued as any family member. When a new person joins our team, we teach with open ears and open minds. We realize that we were once that new employee. Ideas for improvements and efficiencies are always welcome and gladly heard. All of us have something to learn from each other and we know we must seek first to understand, then to be understood. We take our jobs seriously, though we believe we should not take ourselves too seriously and that our hearts are made glad when we can laugh at ourselves. We treat each other as we would like to be treated. The quality of our work affects each of us eventually.  We or our children could be a patient one day. We are PROUD of the job we do and that we do our best for YOU.