Customer Relations

PHSC is committed to maintaining working relationships that allow our customers to provide the best in patient care. Our full time Customer Service Manager is available during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8am-5pm) or as needed on an emergency basis to respond to any needs that arise. Whether in the course of day to day operations or under special circumstances, we strive for immediate and innovative solutions.

We maintain constant and regular contact with each of our customers to ensure their linen needs are being met; to provide information on new or improved services and to ensure a level of customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

Our highest priority is to provide quality healthcare linen and maintain quality relationships with each of our customers. Our mission is to provide an unprecedented level of service.

  • 100% Order Fill Rates
  • 100% On Time Delivery
  • Same Day Response to Inquiries
  • JACHO and OSHA Compliant
  • Quality Assurance Programs Internally and Externally

On the Cutting Edge of Healthcare Laundry

One of the most progressive facilities in the US and Canada— PHSC was designed and built as a state of the art facility engineered to achieve maximum efficiency with regard to natural resource utilization (ecologically sound/green focused), automation, employee safety and quality healthcare linen processing capabilities.

In practice, we follow national industry standards and guidelines staying abreast of the latest methodologies and developments in healthcare linen, JAHCO Requirements and OSHA Standards. Continuing education is a focus for our staff with regard to best practices, new products and improved ways to better serve our customers.

Ensure Adequate Linen Supplies for your Hospital or Clinic

PHSC enjoys a regionally leveraged position with regard to volume linen purchasing, ensuring cost effective pricing to those we serve. We encourage our customers to use “rational consumption” guidelines within their facilities through education of our end users and developing programs within each hospital or clinic to adequately serve the needs of their patients.

Helpful Cost Cutting Measures

We encourage our customers to utilize cost saving measures by regularly managing their linen room inventories in order to minimize excess amounts of unused and lost linen.

  • Resist the urge to overstock.
  • Use linen for the purpose for which it was intended.
  • Create meaningful linen use policies within your facility.

See our full range of suggested cost cutting measures.