Healthcare Linen Tips

Below please find our helpful guidelines for ensuring you are getting the most practical and cost-saving use of your linen.

  1. Obtain linen as needed for patient care. Take only what is needed for immediate use into patient rooms. This best practice will assist in cutting down on your linen costs.
  2. Establish a bed make-up policy. New patient rooms should have only the following items:
    1. (1) Knitted Fitted or Contour Sheet
    2. (1) Flat Sheet
    3. (1) Pillow and Pillowcase
    4. (1) Bedspread

Linen should be obtained as needed for patient care and should not be stored in patient rooms for later use. All staff are accountable for preventing build up of linen in patient rooms and avoiding misuse of linen inventory.

Linen should never be thrown in the trash by hospital personnel, regardless of soil content or condition.  There are green “Reject Linen” hamper stands available on each unit.  These should be used for linen items that are unusable. Unserviceable items will be discarded in the laundering process.

Using the “Reject Linen” hamper stands allows PHSC to make a decision to rag out items which reduces your cost.